Saturday, March 28, 2015

Under The Influence; Episode I

If you've ever spent time trying to write a riff or come up with a melody chances are you've had to sit and ponder whether or not the first few things that made their way from your cortex to your fingers to your 4 track have already been used - because a lot of that stuff we pump into our conscious likes to bury itself in there to the point that it plays on repeat in the background of everything we do and we don't even realize it, or I'm just borderline schizophrenic.  I don't necessarily think anybody ripped anybody off here, nor may have been directly influenced - sometimes coincidence is just that, and sometimes the familiarity is purely accidental and probably not even realized until the record is on the shelves, but it's still fun to point out:

Gwar: 'Pussy Planet' (1992) & Nirvana: 'Rape Me' (1993)

Burnt By The Sun: 'Dracula With Glasses' (2002) & Pig Destroyer: 'Baltimore Strangler' (2012)


Mad Season: 'I Don't Know Anything' (1995) & Silverchair: 'Slave' (1997)

Biohazard: 'Cornered' (1994) & Type O Negative: 'All Hail and Farewell To Britain' (2007) - specifically the 3:43 mark...

Eyehategod: 'Blank' (1993) & Dr.Doom: 'Prophesized Disaster' (2012)


Temple Of The Dog: 'Times Of Trouble' (1991) & Pearl Jam: 'Footsteps' (1991)
This one doesn't really count as it was pretty much written by the same persons; never-the-less remains as two different songs from two different groups... 

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